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Mixer Body Case Study

Abbfab Services were approached by a wall coverings manufacturer to repair a ninety year old cast iron mixer body used in part of the production process of Lincrusta® wallcovering. 

The mixer body exhibited signs of corrosion and leakage from the pressurised hot water jacket into the mixer and Abbfab were asked to inspect the body and advise on a suitable repair procedure.

During examination it became apparent that the level and severity of corrosion was to such an extent that it would be impossible to effect repairs by welding. As an alternative Abbfab Services proposed to the client that it would be possible to manufacture a new mixer body from stainless steel, whilst still retaining the original mixer end plates and mixer shafts.

Abbfab Services produced detailed fabrication CAD drawings from the original body and had design calculations undertaken in accordance with the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code (Division 1). Due to the unit having a pressurised jacket, the unit also required 'CE' marking to ensure compliance with the European Community Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC. The manufacture of the body was overseen by TUV (UK) Ltd. acting as the Notified Body.

Upon completion the new body was polished inside to remove all welds and give a crevice free surface and was delivered to the client's factory, where they re-assembled the mixer and returned it to production.

A full documentation package, meeting the requirements of 97/23/EC, was issued with the completed body, this contained full material certification, weld documentation, Non-Destructive Examination reports, pressure test certification etc. This was issued to the client for their information and a copy retained by Abbfab Services in their archives.

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