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Hydro-electric case study

Technical situation:

Abbfab Services were approached by an international supplier of power generation equipment with a requirement to supply 700mm diameter carbon steel pipework for a hydro-electric scheme in Norway, on a very tight delivery schedule, it was also a condition of the contract the Abbfab would be solely responsible for arranging shipping to the final destination, with the pipework arriving on a designated day.

Our solution:

Abbfab Services initially produced a production plan to demonstrate to the client that the delivery dates were achievable and realistic.

A Quality Assurance plan was then drawn up in conjunction with the client, detailing inspection points and relevant procedures and specifications that were to be adhered to and at this point TÜV (UK) Ltd. were engaged to act as third party inspection body to oversee the production activities on behalf of the client.

From the drawings supplied by the client, Abbfab produced fabrication drawings of the pipework to enable fabrication, also, the client required design calculation to prove the strength of the pipework, these were reviewed by the client and inspection body. 

Materials were then sourced to meet the contract specifications and the pipework fabricated and all welding was undertaken using approved weld procedures and qualified welders.

It was a condition of the contract that a hydraulic proof test to 15 bar pressure would be undertaken to prove the integrity of the pipework as well as ultrasonic and magnetic particle examination of the finished welds.

Upon completion, the pipework required surface coating to the clients issued specifications and a final inspection needed to be undertaken by the inspection authority prior to shipping to Norway, Abbfab Services also produced the bill of lading and other export documentation for the shipping company.

The contract was completed on time and within budget, with the pipework arriving on site in Norway on the designated day.

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