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On Site Fire Prevention Case Study

Technical situation:

Following a fire inside a solvent recovery filter vessel, resulting in extensive damage to the carbon filter bed support framework, Abbfab Services were approached by their client to investigate the possibility of replacing the damaged filter bed and the fitting of a sprinkler system to the interior of the vessel to prevent a re-occurrence of the fire.

Our solution:

After reviewing the damage to the filter bed, Abbfab Services proposed the complete removal of the old bed and the fitting of a new bed to the vessel on site.

This work would require all the operatives to be trained in confined space entry techniques, something which several of Abbfab Services employees have appropriate training for.

The client provided original drawings for the vessel and from these Abbfab arranged for custom size channel sections to be pressed from steel sheet, these were then transported to site, ready for complete fabrication on-site.

The installation work was fully risk assessed and a safe system of work planned and documented, with copies being supplied to the client for their information.

The vessel entry aspect of the contract involved the rigging of forced draught ventilation to the vessel, constant monitoring of the atmosphere within the vessel by personal monitors worn by the operatives to detect both oxygen depletion and a build-up of solvent vapours.

A permit to work system was employed through-out the contract due to the high risk nature of the contract.

The new bed was fabricated and welded entirely on-site and fitted to the vessel and the new sprinkler system was retro-fitted to the vessel as well as two other existing vessels, utilising an existing water storage tank, to minimise the risk of fires in the future.

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