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Fabricated filter body to ASME VIII Div. 1

Technical situation:

The client requested that we fabricate three filter bodies from carbon steel and that the fabrication was to the intent of the ASME VIII Div. 1 boiler and pressure vessel code. One particular stipulation from the end user that was all material had to have EN10204 type 3.2 certification of the material.

Also, there was a requirement for 100% radiography and 100% dye penetrant examination of all welds as well as hydraulic testing of the completed bodies.

Our solution:

We suggested to the client that consideration be given to obtaining all materials with EN10204 type 3.1 certification and have independent testing done on the component parts to validate the chemical and mechanical properties of the materials, this would be a quicker and more cost effective solution than obtaining type 3.2 certification.

We engaged the services of Bureau Veritas to undertake the material testing and verification to the clients satisfaction. Bureau Veritas also acted as independent inspection authority to verify all stages of construction of the filter bodies at our works.Hydraulic testing was undertaken to 55.5 barg.

Upon completion of fabrication a data dossier was compiled on CD-ROM for the client, with full material and welding traceability records as well as all non-destructive examination procedures and reports.

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