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Weld Repair Case Study

Technical situation:

Abbfab Services were approached by a client who had a one metre diameter pump impeller cast in Super Duplex material and on inspection it was determined that the vanes on the impeller were below the minimum required thickness.

Our solution:

Abbfab Services proposed to the client that it would be possible to build each individual vane with weld deposit to ensure the wall thickness required.

All welding was done in accordance with the requirements of ASME, using approved weld procedure qualifications.During the welding operation it was critical that the weld inter-pass temperature was monitored, this was done using digital thermocouples in a known state of calibration.

A wall thickness survey was undertaken to ensure that the impeller met the dimensional requirements issued by the client. Upon completion full dye penetrant examination of the welded areas was undertaken to guarantee the integrity of the weld deposit.

Upon completion the impeller was returned to the client for machining, Abbfab Services also supplied a complete documentation package containing the welder qualifications and procedures, weld consumable test certificates and Non-Destructive Examination reports.

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