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Abbfab Services has the capabilities of welding a wide range of metals, ranging from the common structural grades of steel (S275 group) to 'exotic' materials such as low alloy steels, Duplex and Super Duplex steels, Hastelloy® C22 and C276, Zeron®, 9% chrome / 1% molybdenum steel, and 13% chrome / 4% nickel steels, using the following processes:

  • Tungsten Inert Gas.
  • Manual Metal Arc.
  • Metal Inert Gas.

All welding is undertaken to approved welding procedures using qualified welders. Procedures are approved to ASME or ISO standards and procedures are validated by independent surveyors from Lloyds Register EMEA, BSI Product Services etc.

Where contract requirements stipulate, non-destructive examination of welds can be undertaken to the requirements of the relevant code or clients issued specifications.

Where requested, a full quality assurance documentation package can be provided at completion of the contract.

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